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Contact the Jail at  712 732-2452

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Inmates listed are listed by the name provided at the time of booking and may not reflect accurate identification to the inmates true identity.

Jail photos are available upon written requests. Such request must include the full name, date of birth and booking number of the inmate. Email is the preferred delivery. There is a charge for printed photos and multiple photo requests. Make requests to the Buena Vista Co. Sheriff, Box 276, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588 or call 712.749.2530

Visitors must be registered on the inmates visitation list. Visitation is held over video conferencing by appointment only from 8:00AM 11:30AM and 2:00PM - 4:00PM except holidays, weekends and when posted otherwise. Visitors must agree abide to all visitation policies. A complete list of these policies are available at the Sheriff's Office.  [Visitation Policy] Policy subject to change without notice.

Phone calls: Incoming calls are not allowed. Attorneys and bondsmen will be allowed phone access. Inmates may make calls out using the "Inmate Phone System" calling collect or using phone cards purchased at the jail. The "Inmate Phone System" is not owned or operated by the Buena Vista County Jail.

Mailing packages, magazines, books, bulk mailings, food, etc. will not be accepted into the jail. Letters may be sent by U.S. mail to an inmate with the following address and appropriately marked with the senders return mail address on the outside of the envelope.
   (inmates name)
   Buena Vista County Jail
   Box 276
   Storm Lake, Iowa  50588

Email can be sent to an inmate by sending the email to  clearly marking the subject line with the inmates full name and including your full address in the letter. Electronic mail is not a reliable source of delivery. If it is received, email will be handled and delivered to the inmate as though it came through the U.S. Mail. Return email is not available from the inmates. Email is limited 20 lines of text. Photos and attachments will not be delivered, and only one email per day will be delivered. 

Money can be deposited into an inmate's account by going online to, calling 1-888-277-2535 or by utilizing the Cobra Cashier in the front lobby at the Buena Vista County Sheriff's Office     (lobby is open 24 hours a day/ seven days a week). 

What you will need:

1. Pay Location Code  (PLC)
                  # 3500  (Accounts Receivable)
                  # 4500  (Bail)
                  # 5500  (Commissary Deposit)
2. Inmate / Resident Name   (Posted daily at the Sheriff's Office)
3. Inmate / Resident ID Number   (Posted daily at the Sheriff's Office)
4. Facility Code: SLB

Money deposited in an inmate's account is subject to payment for medication, Doctor care costs or other fees incurred during incarceration.

Medical Service and Mental Health are provided to all inmates no mater what their financial condition is, however, Inmates are liable for most medical care and mental health costs and these costs will be deducted from their inmate account as accrued. New money deposited will be applied to medical debt.   Mental Health issues are addressed by professional mental health associates from the Plains Area Mental Health.

In-home and work release programs are available at the inmates expense if the judgments ordered by the courts. Payment for the cost of these programs must be arranged in advance and a strict set of rules must be followed to the letter. Violations will result in the loss of all in-home and work release privileges and incarceration. The base charge for In-home detention is $55/day plus a one time administration fee of $50. Base charge for work release is $55/day plus a one time administration fee of $20

Jail fee's: All inmates sentenced to the Buena Vista County Jail will be charged $55 per day. Contract housing (Inmates serving their sentence for other jurisdictions) is $75/day.

Fee's are subject to change

Contact the Jail  712 732-2452

Updated: July 22, 2014

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